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Reading and writing Urdu poetry has been a lifelong love of mine. But it has been really recent that I started my hand in writing it as an expression of my feelings and incorporating it into my art.

In 2020 I re read Faiz Ahmed Faiz's again and so many of his poems spoke to me especially 'Bol'. It really spoke to my heart. I found this poem really cathartic. I wanted to make a piece that talks about speaking out. Speaking out about justice, speaking out the truth, and speaking out for others. Standing up for truth even if you know that you are not popular, not be rewarded, and will be punished.

Calligraphy of the surah Inshirah for me was a reminder piece initially. It is one of the verses from the Quran that has always given me comfort. I have always believed that God gives us hard things to endure and learn from but at the same time he blesses us with good things to not lose hope, to keep going perhaps.
In my own life, I have noticed during my hardest time I have also met the kindest of strangers. Nicest of people who would help me without asking for anything in return. So my first piece was created with that in mind. Then I just played with the verse and here are few pieces from that attempt.

The pieces below might look and feel similar but no pieces are alike. I have a limited number and sizes. However, I am always open to collaborating and commission work. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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