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Flower Series

Drawing flowers is an ongoing passion. Every day from my walk or working in my garden that is still really in the making or even at a grocery store I am always amazed at the beauty of flowers and the effect they have on us, humans. Take a look at my paintings.  I hope they convey the love and joy I feel while creating them. I keep adding more stuff  as I am painting them constantly so please do come back and check again!

All the work is available unless marked otherwise


I grew up reading Urdu and Arabic. I have not read them for years but last year with the BLM and Asian hate attacks made me think about my identity, my history, and my inheritance. This search made me go back and read the Quran where I found hope and peace.  Re-reading  Urdu poetry helped me understand that although the fight for justice is hard but never dark because there are so many amazing human beings who are constantly guiding us on how to be better versions of ourselves. We will move forward.

This upcoming series is an inspiration of all the poems and verses of the Quran that I find that peace and hope from.  All the pieces are for sale.

The series will be dropping on September 1st, 2021.

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