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Updated: May 2, 2023

Hello dear friends.

Eid Mubarak to all of you who celebrate Ramadan. I hope you had a blessed month. As of now, I have already consumed more caffeine than I should have… but I am trying to pace myself!!

Updates about my life. I finished my scarf. Yay!!!.. It took me four LONG months. But it was so much fun making it and it had so many delicate details. I LOVED every second of it. Here is an image of it.

Ladoo Ladoo update: I also have been making more cards for my shop Ladoo Ladoo. And sending marketing emails to potential buyers. It is sooooo hard to find buyers when you are not a salesy kinda person. I grew up with the notion of ‘make yourself small and ‘don’t talk about yourself’ which is not exactly healthy but now the over-sharing era of social media where we know everyone’s every thought and what they are eating, wearing, and going is another extreme. I keep hearing that I need to talk about myself, my story, my art as a brand, etc. Starting this newsletter was a way to find a balance and now I am trying to do the same in my email marketing approach. OK for the sake of marketing here are three new cards I made for Mother’s Day

you can buy them from my website if you want.. no pressure ofcourse. The link is <>

Ramadan Thoughts

Some doodles during Ramadan from my sketchbook!

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Thanks so much for reading. See you in May.

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