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I was a big meat eater. Always hated the days my mom would make only veggie dinner but once I moved for graduate school I could not afford to buy meat on my low salary. I was almost forced to buy vegetables. This was by far the best blessing for me and my meat-eating needs. I also started reading about the way animals are treated and how eating so much meat is affecting our planet. All these things made me realize motivated to add more plants to my diet. I am proud to say I am a vegetarian during the week. Even though I still eat meat but my love for it has for sure been substituted by roasted cauliflower. I also have a baby garden that I love so much. I hope to share the same love of vegetables with you through this beautiful print


The dimensions are 8.5 x11 inches.

Now that I have three kids I really want them to understand how their small daily decisions can make and break our planet and so if we choose more vegetables we are actually helping the planet. Hope we all be kinder to our beautiful planet.

Art Print 'Eat More Plants'

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